VNGGames Introduces Hello Café: A Unique Cafe Simulator Game Featuring Sanrio Characters

A Unique Cafe Simulator Game Featuring Sanrio Characters – VNGGames, a prominent game developer, is set to unveil its latest creation, a cafe simulator titled “Hello Café.” This simulation game has gained popularity overseas, securing the second position in the Game Sub-Genre Management category and ranking eighth in the Simulation genre in China.

Anticipating a warm reception in Indonesia, especially among millennials and Gen-Z gamers, Hello Café stands out with its collaboration with Sanrio. Players can immerse themselves in an exciting gaming experience alongside beloved Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty, Kuromi, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, and My Melody.

“Hello Café: Cafe Impianmu is our newest café simulation game, and we believe it will become a favorite among Indonesian gamers. Through VNGGames’ collaboration with Sanrio, players can enjoy a thrilling experience playing with iconic Sanrio characters,” stated Jhonsen Lim, Senior Product Lead at VNGGames Jakarta Studio.

The game, themed around café management, allows players to take on the role of a café manager. With beautiful graphics and a modern style, Hello Café enables players to design, manage, and create their dream cafes.

Here are five standout features that set Hello Café apart from similar games:

1. Freedom to Design Your Café

Hello Café offers the freedom to design the interior according to personal preferences. Players can choose appealing furniture, arrange tables and chairs, and add various decorations to create a theme that suits their taste.

2. Be a Real Manager

Beyond interior decoration, players have full control over managing staff. From selecting suitable staff to organizing the team, promoting employees, and enhancing their attributes, players can truly play the role of a café manager.

3. Relaxing, Enjoyable, and Stress-Free Gameplay

Hello Café provides a relaxing atmosphere, making it perfect for leisure time. The game serves as an enjoyable stress-reliever, offering a peaceful escape amid busy schedules.

4. Adorable Graphics

Hello Café stands out with its charming and adorable graphics. The game’s visually appealing and cute design, supported by super-detailed graphics, ensures an optimal gaming experience for players.

5. Challenging Gameplay – Make Your Café the Best

Despite its laid-back nature, Hello Café presents challenges for players to overcome and turn their café dreams into reality. Completing various missions allows players to acquire useful items to enhance their cafes.

VNGGames promises that Hello Café will be released in Indonesia shortly, inviting gamers to embark on a delightful journey into the world of café management. Stay tuned for the release of this charming and engaging simulator.

Writer: RianiEditor: Exuce Gadget