Nintendo Direct Set to Unveil Exciting Lineup of Switch Games and Xbox Collaborations

Nintendo Direct Set to Unveil Exciting Lineup of Switch Games and Xbox Collaborations – In a much-anticipated move, Nintendo is gearing up for a live streaming event titled Nintendo Direct scheduled for Wednesday morning. The event aims to showcase a lineup of new games for the Switch set to be released later this year, with potential collaborations with Xbox partners.

The Direct event is set to kick off on Wednesday morning at 09:00 ET, spanning a duration of 25 minutes. Nintendo has revealed that the focus will be on upcoming Switch games slated for the first half of 2024, with contributions from their publishing and development partners.

As expected, the Nintendo Direct announcement aligns with similar moves by Microsoft and PlayStation, who have already released their respective release schedules. Based on previous Directs’ timelines, Nintendo tends to host these events in the first week of February.

Amid weeks of speculation and rumors, the upcoming Direct could serve as the perfect platform for Tango Gameworks to announce the arrival of Hi-Fi Rush on the Nintendo Switch.

According to on Tuesday (20/02/2024), Xbox’s Phil Spencer has confirmed that four Xbox-exclusive games will become available on other platforms, including the Switch and PS5.

One of the highlights fans are eagerly anticipating is potential information about Metroid Prime 4, which has been in development for a staggering five years. However, it’s advised not to set expectations too high, as Nintendo might choose to unveil such significant details as part of their preparations for the future announcement of the rumored Switch 2.

Nintendo enthusiasts and gamers alike are eagerly awaiting the Nintendo Direct event, anticipating exciting game announcements, potential collaborations, and updates on long-awaited titles. Stay tuned for the latest developments and reveals during this highly anticipated livestream.