Icy Domination! Best Aurora Mobile Legends Builds That You Can Try

best aurora build for mobile legends 2024 – In the world of Mage heroes, Aurora emerges as an undeniable force, With best build Aurora this hero would control crowds and deliver devastating attacks to her opponents. However, success in playing Aurora depends not only on the right build, but also a deep understanding of how to optimally use its powers on the battlefield.

In this article, we will discuss various build strategies for Aurora in Mobile Legends, from the aggressive Magic Burst Assassin approach to the crowd-controlling Support role. Additionally, we’ll also look at important tips and tricks to help you master Aurora and become an unwavering force on the battlefield.

By combining knowledge of the right build with a deep understanding of Aurora’s role on the team, you’ll be ready to take over the battlefield and lead your team to glorious victory. Let’s explore together how you can optimize Aurora’s potential in every Mobile Legends match!

Aurora is a Mage hero in Mobile Legends who is very strong in crowd control and deals high damage. The build strategy for Aurora depends on the role you want to play on your team, whether it’s as an assassin, or as support with a focus on crowd control and skill throwing.

Here are some build strategies you can try:

  1. Magic Burst Assassin:

  • Mainly Item:
    • Arcane Boots: Grants Magic Penetration that increases skill damage.
    • Clock of Destiny: Gradually increases HP and Magic Power.
    • Lightning Truncheon: Grants additional Magic Power and additional effects after using skills.
    • Holy Crystal: Significantly increases magic damage.
    • Blood Wings: Provides a big Magic Power and HP add-on.
    • Divine Glaive: Grants additional Magic Penetration to penetrate the opponent’s strong defenses.
  • Emblem:
    • Magic Emblem with a focus on Magic Penetration and Magic Power.
  • Battle Spell:
    • Flicker: Useful for improving mobility and for escape.
  • Tactic:
    • Take advantage of Aurora’s skills to attack enemies from a distance and move quickly to avoid counterattacks.
    • Use a combination of Aurora skills with the right timing to maximize burst damage.
  1. Crowd Control Support:

  • Mainly Item:
    • Rapid Boots: Increase Aurora’s mobility to move quickly.
    • Ice Queen Wand: Gives slow effects to opponents when attacking.
    • Glowing Wand: Provides additional Magic Power and burn effects to Aurora’s skills.
    • Necklace of Durance: Provides anti-regen and HP reduction effects on opponents.
    • Fleeting Time: Provides significant cooldown reduction after killing enemies.
    • Holy Crystal: Significantly increases magic damage.
  • Emblem:
    • Support Emblem with focus on movement speed and cooldown reduction.
  • Battle Spell:
    • Purify: Useful for clearing negative effects and escaping from dangerous situations.
  • Tactic:
    • Focus on crowd control with Aurora skills, especially in crowded areas.
    • Make sure you are close to your teammates to provide effective crowd control and support them in battle.

It’s important to remember that in choosing a build strategy, you should also consider the composition of your team and the specific needs of the match. Always adapt to the situation in the game to maximize the effectiveness of Aurora in every battle.

  1. Hybrid Tanky Mage:

  • Mainly Item:
    • Tough Boots: Provides additional resistance to crowd control effects.
    • Oracle: Provides additional HP and HP regeneration, as well as cooldown reduction.
    • Ice Queen Wand: Gives opponents a slow effect and additional Magic Power.
    • Fleeting Time: Increases cooldown reduction after killing enemies.
    • Blood Wings: Provides a big Magic Power and HP add-on.
    • Holy Crystal: Significantly increases magic damage.
  • Emblem:
    • Tank Emblem with a focus on HP and regeneration, as well as cooldown reduction.
  • Battle Spell:
    • Aegis: Useful for providing additional protection when hit by enemy attacks.
  • Tactic:
    • Use a combination of resistance and attack power to become more resistant to enemy attacks while still making a significant impact in battle.
    • Make uses of Aurora’s skills to control the battle area and protect more vulnerable teammates.

Additional Tips:

  1. Skill Mastery: Learn well the right time and place to use each Aurora skill. The right timing in throwing skills is very important to maximize the effect.
  2. The use of Ulti: Aurora’s ultimate skill, Frost Shock, is the key to success in many battles. Use wisely, ideally when enemies gather to deliver maximum impact.
  3. Team Collaboration: Aurora can be an important element in team initiation or counter-attack. Always communicate the plan with your team to maximize the potential of this hero.
  4. Enemy Selection: Identify your enemy’s weaknesses and focus on heroes that Aurora can counter effectively, such as low-defense heroes or those that rely on skill to defend.

With the right combination of build strategy and a deep understanding of Aurora’s role in your team, you can become a very effective player with this hero in Mobile Legends.