Manage Your Money! Top Tips for Smart Financial Management

tips money management – Check the latest data from OneShildt, guys! More than 50% of the productive age group in Indonesia, October 2023 to be precise, are said to be the ‘sandwich generation’. Increasingly, this ‘sandwich generation’ is becoming a real hit, you know! So, this cool term first started buzzing in 1981 with Dorothy A. Miller. Clearly, this ‘sandwich generation’ are those who become caregivers for their parents and children at the same time, making life’s burden even heavier.

So, so you don’t get stressed thinking about money, Jenius, the cool digital bank from Bank BTPN, is collaborating with OneShildt to share cool tips for the ‘sandwich generation’ so they can manage their money more coolly, become financially independent and chase their dreams in a different way!

Here are some tips to cheer up the ‘sandwich generation’:

Manage Money Fun and Joss:

Take the time to prioritize your wishlist or financial targets, guys! Jenius has a really cool feature called Moneytory for recording daily expenses so you don’t get confused. Then, if you have set a budget, you can use the Send It feature to send money more easily and flexibly. There is also a cool solution called x-Card to separate balances for different needs, so that the money is more detailed.

Set aside money for savings:

Activate deposit automation to save every month or target the nominal amount. Jenius has cool savings options, starting from Flexi Saver, Dream Saver, to Maxi Saver, according to individual needs.

Investing Coolly:

Jenius helps you with the investment process in a very easy and simple way through its digital platform. So, managing money for investment becomes even more fun and less complicated!

Have an Emergency Fund:

Emergency funds are really important, guys! To anticipate unexpected expenses, you must have an emergency fund. Jenius suggests separating your emergency funds from your daily money, but still making it easy to access when you need it, so it’s safe.

Use Debt Wisely, Smartly and Healthily:

Debt can be a solution to build assets or earn additional income. But, make sure the debt installments are not more than 35% of your income, OK? The Jenius Credit Card has cool features for setting limits, installments and paying bills practically, guys!

Teach Financial Literacy to Children:

The most important thing, guys! Teach children and young people around us about the importance of financial literacy. So that they can also become masters at managing their money and have wiser spending habits.

By following these cool tips, the ‘sandwich generation’ can manage their finances more smoothly, become financially independent, and pursue their dreams of life in a better style!