Xiaomi Mix Fold 4: Flagship Foldable with 1TB Storage & Satellite Calls!

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Xiaomi Mix Fold 4

Exuce.com – Xiaomi is ready to bring a new breakthrough to the folding cellphone industry with the release of their newest series, the Xiaomi Mix Fold 4. News about the first details of this device has begun to circulate, causing excitement among technology fans. It is estimated that the Mix Fold 4 will be a new milestone in the evolution of foldable phones, bringing a combination of impressive specs and advanced features.

One interesting piece of information is the extraordinarily large storage and RAM capacity. It is reported that the Mix Fold 4 will come with at least 16GB RAM and 1TB internal memory. This signals Xiaomi’s commitment to providing maximum performance to users, enabling a smooth multitasking experience and extensive data storage.

Under the hood, the Mix Fold 4 will be powered by a high-powered Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor. This is expected to deliver incredibly fast and responsive performance. Xiaomi has also revealed plans to embed two-way satellite communication technology, adding a new dimension to the connectivity of this phone.

Battery life is also Xiaomi’s main focus in developing the Mix Fold 4. It is estimated that this device will have a battery with a capacity of more than 5,000 mAh, providing extraordinary durability in daily use. Despite this, Xiaomi promises to keep the weight of the device light, ensuring a balance between performance and portability.

The camera feature is also a highlight in the Mix Fold 4. Reportedly, this device will be equipped with a 50 megapixel main sensor and a periscope telephoto camera, promising sharp and detailed photos.

Not only that, Xiaomi is also trying to make the Mix Fold 4 more durable and tough by including a waterproof feature. This makes this cellphone suitable for use in various situations, from rainy weather to outdoor activities.

With all the innovation and advanced technology it carries, the Mix Fold 4 is believed to be one of the best foldable cellphones on the market. Although an official launch date has not been announced, it is estimated that Xiaomi will introduce this device around the same time as the launch of the previous series, namely in the third quarter of this year. Undoubtedly, the Mix Fold 4 will be an attractive choice for those who want a combination of sophistication and practicality in one device. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the launch of the highly anticipated Xiaomi Mix Fold 4.

The following is a table of specifications for the Xiaomi Mix Fold 4:

Spesification Details
RAM Minimum 16GB
Internal Storage 1TB
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3
Communication Two-way Satellite Communication
Battery Capacity Over 5,000 mAh
Main Camera 50-megapixel sensor
Additional Camera Periscope Telephoto Camera
Water Resistance Yes
Weight Lighter than average flagship foldable phones
Additional Features Customizable X-axis Motor