Infinix Foldable Smartphone Will Be Launched In 2024

Infinix Foldable Smartphone Will Be Launched In 2024
Infinix Foldable Smartphone – In a recent interview in Jakarta, La Ode Iman, the Brand Communications Manager of Infinix Indonesia, hinted at the company’s intention to launch a foldable smartphone, possibly hitting the market as early as 2024.

Iman stated, “We don’t rule out the possibility of having a foldable smartphone this year. So far, our R&D has been focusing in that direction. Therefore, who knows, it might be in Q4 of this year or possibly in the early next year that we’ll introduce our foldable device.”

When asked about the estimated price range for Infinix’s foldable phone, La Ode emphasized Infinix’s commitment to providing affordable products for users. “Like all our product series, they are always related to a ‘worth to buy’ price. So, for the foldable experience, the pricing is likely to be competitive,” he added.

Currently, several brands have introduced foldable smartphones in Indonesia, including Samsung, Oppo, and Tecno. Notably, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and Flip5, as well as Oppo Find N3 and Oppo Find N3 Flip, are priced at over Rp15.999.000. Meanwhile, Tecno offers the Phantom V Flip foldable phone at a more accessible price of Rp7.999.000.

As Infinix sets its sights on entering the foldable smartphone market, consumers can anticipate an affordable yet feature-rich option, providing a competitive edge in a market dominated by higher-priced foldable devices. Stay tuned for updates as Infinix aims to redefine the accessibility of foldable technology in the smartphone industry.

Iman further emphasized Infinix’s commitment to delivering a foldable experience without compromising affordability. He explained that Infinix’s foldable phone would align with the brand’s tradition of offering products that strike a balance between cutting-edge technology and accessible pricing.

The foldable smartphone market in Indonesia has seen the entry of reputable brands like Samsung and Oppo, offering premium foldable devices at prices starting from Rp15.999.000. While these devices cater to a specific audience seeking top-tier features, Infinix aims to carve a niche by making foldable technology more accessible to a broader consumer base.

Infinix’s venture into the foldable smartphone realm aligns with the industry trend, and the brand is poised to leverage its innovative approach to capture the attention of tech enthusiasts. As consumers eagerly anticipate the unfolding of Infinix’s foldable smartphone in 2024, the company’s emphasis on affordability and advanced features hints at a potential game-changer in the foldable smartphone landscape.

Stay tuned for more updates on Infinix’s foldable smartphone, as the brand gears up to introduce a device that not only folds seamlessly but also offers an unparalleled blend of technology and budget-friendliness in the Indonesian market.

Writer: RianiEditor: Exuce Gadget